Our Postcard Campaign

Our summer postcard campaign kept our cause in the public eye and, most importantly, gave a voice to disabled people and supporters.  We encouraged people to complete a postcard – addressed to the Leader of the Lib-Dem-Green Council Administration – and get their family, friends, and work colleagues to do so at sites around the city, including on the streets from time to time, or by emailing us.  

A big THANK YOU to everyone that joined in. We had an AMAZING response! 



We collected 2,700+ postcards, of which almost 800 had personal comments added. They were presented to the City of York Council Meeting on THURSDAY 20th OCTOBER where 4 Reverse the Ban members were allowed to speak for 3 minutes each.  You can listen on the 20th October Council webcast.   They are from 11.56 to 15.05 mins and again from 18.28 to 34.08 mins. And you can watch the moment the postcards’ sacks were handed in! 

Disabled people and supporters braved the atrocious weather on the night to mount a peaceful protest ahead of the start of the meeting.  Countless others were with us in spirit.  We’re delighted to report important subsequent impacts at a Council Scrutiny Meeting on 7th Nov; with York Health & Wellbeing Board on 16th Nov deciding to pause the city’s bid for WHO Age Friendly City status because of the Ban; and with the Council Executive deciding on 22nd Nov to start to properly regulate pavement cafes!  Now we just need to get the ban reversed!

As a Blue Badge holder, my life has been worsened dramatically by the ban........... ​ My father-in-law is 95 and has COPD. This ban is removing his right of access to the city centre ​ This action has closed my world down
A York Resident
I.... can't walk far and used to thoroughly enjoy visiting the city centre, fairs etc.... I haven't been into the city since [the ban] ​ .... to take away people's independence is heartless ​ Pleasure outings such as to the cinema or for meals out have ceased and I've sought alternative out-of-town locations for opticians etc....
A York Resident
We started the Postcard Campaign because we knew how many people had been excluded by Cllr Keith Aspden's Blue Badge ban. We wanted to give people the chance to have their say and that's just what's happened.
Reverse the Ban